Save OPEX, Save Earth

Ballast Water

Techcross is a true pioneer in the field of Balllast Water Management, since gaining the worlds first IMO Basic Approval, they have grown to be the leading supplier of BWM Systems.

Electro-Cleen is a modular system employing full flow direct electrolysis to ensure compliance with ballast treatment standards at discharge using a single treatment during ballast water intake, without the need for fine auto-filtration. Strong but safe disinfection means no re-treatment is required at discharge.

ECS-HYCHLOR 2.0 uses indirect side stream electrolysis, without fine auto-filtration, allowing customers flexibility of application, whilst benefiting from Techcross’ extensive R&D, proprietary electrodes, outstanding customer support and the largest global AS network.

The modular systems allow small and flexible installation footprints. With no moving parts, typical power consumption during treatment of only 3.4 kW/100 m3/h (at 30 psu) for ECS and 5kW/100m3 for ECS Hychlor, minimal consumable requirements (utilising non hazardous chemicals) and no requirement for fine filtration mean both capital outlay, operational costs and maintenance requirements are kept relatively low.

ECS is available in both standard and EX options.

Techcross AMP

Techcross Alternate Maritime Power (AMP) is a modular system which allows your vessel to switch seamlessly from ship to shore power.

A vessel at port, whilst using onboard diesel engines for electrical power generation, emits pollutants, which have harmful effects on the ecosystem and human environment. To tackle these issue, Techcross AMP allows vessels to connect to shore power and shut down the ship’s generators, in turn reducing emissions of particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and carbon oxides, not to mention a reduction in noise and vibration levels.

There are several ports which have implemented regulations and several regions are developing legislation to mandate the use of shore power when vessels call at their ports.

Techcross, the global No. 1 BWMS maker in terms of installations, with the largest AS global service network, are well positioned to provide a full turn-key solution from feasibility, detailed engineering, class approval, equipment supply for your Alternative Maritime Power requirements. Make the switch, contact Encompass Marine for further information on Techcross AMP.