BLRT Repair Yards

BLRT Repair Yards unite three ship repair yards: Tallinn Shipyard in Estonia, Western Shiprepair in Lithuania and Turku Repair Yard in Finland. Design and technical support, repair, maintenance and retrofit of different types of vessels are yards' main activities which are provided at a highest level.

The entire BLRT Repair Yards is a result-oriented team assuring the best possible result through DETAILED work planning and close cooperation of every person involved – from engineers, designers, and executives to shop personnel. The BLRT Repair Yards are set to do their job in a way that secures returning customers.

  • All in one – a single contact person for each project from start to completion
  • Quality Service – through a competent and skilled team with close attention to every detail.
  • Optimal Project Cost – a detailed and thorough quotation ensure your project stays on budget.
  • Optimal Project Duration – everyone invoiced follows a detailed project execution plan and schedule.
  • Project Transparency – No hidden surprises.
BLRT shipyard