Governor Servicing & Exchange – Pump Element Regeneration – Fuel Pump Overhaul – Fuel Nozzle Reconditioning

PMAX ONE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tru-Marine Group is a leader in Asia in repair services for ships, locomotives, industrial plants as well as onshore and offshore installations.

Over the years PMAX ONE has developed enviable skills and experience and focused on these areas:

  • Governor Overhaul
  • Regeneration of Pump Element
  • Fuel Injection Pump Overhaul
  • Fuel Injector Reconditioning
  • Fuel Nozzle Regeneration and Reconditioning

PMAX ONE operates a governor exchange program, created to minimise the downtime of our customers. A similar unit of the same age can be programmed and supplied as a replacement or substitute while yours undergoes repair.

For this PMAX ONE maintains an extensive stock of spares in their workshops in Tuas, Singapore.

Working closely with Tokyo Nozzle Misaki Manufactory, one of Japan’s leaders in the field, PMAX ONE has acquired the technology to produce almost new pump elements at 40-60% of the price of a new assembly. The technology permits perfect honing of barrels to restore straightness and roundness of the bore and complement this with parts manufactured exclusively in Japan under stringent quality control.

PMAX ONE has the equipment to offer first class overhaul of fuel injectors of all types including the MAN B&W slide valves. PMAX ONE is expecting delivery of new Fuel valve Tester for Wartsila RT-Flex by end July 2010. This will enable us to service fuel injectors or nozzles for this kind of engine.