Metalock DE

World Class repairs and on-site machining

Founded in 1952, Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH is known all over the world for on-site mechanical machining and, among other things, for motor overhaul. The reconditioning of motor components likewise includes crankshafts, pistons, valve rods, exhaust valves, valve seats and cylinder covers.

Headquartered in Norderstedt near Hamburg with branches in Oberhausen, Mannheim and Munich with a staff of around 210, making it the largest company in the Metalock Group.

With a large number of special transportable tools and appropriate machines they are able to implement all types of mechanical machining on location in accordance with the desired tolerances. The advantages of mobile machining include minimal disassembly and transport costs of large and heavy parts. This translates to a considerable time savings for you, thus reducing downtime and costs.

Metalock are specialists in crankshaft repair and reconditioning, having the ability to complete this work to a very high standard both in their workshop and in-situ.

Using the Metalock/Masterlock repair techniques they can make class approved, cold repairs to cast parts and machinery, ensuring high pressure tight sealing, no thermal stress or distortion, reduced need to disassemble parts.

Metalock DE